No Cash? Six Business Ideas When Cash Flow Is Minimal

There is no question that it takes a ton of money to start most businesses, but some businesses require more than others. Here are a few business ideas that you should consider if you want minimal funding at the beginning. Remember that every business, regardless of the cost, requires excellent planning and marketing, and in most cases, equipment, real estate, and a business license.


Simply creating art and selling it requires basically no overhead. In some cases, you may not even need a building to sell art out of. You could simply sell it online, or even use an existing platform to sell it. Additionally, you have the choice of selling your own or others’ artwork.

Intangible goods

These goods may include babysitting, dog walking, cleaning, or something more creative. This option is one of several business ideas that do not need a building to operate out of since you do your work in your customer’s homes. Take your environment into account when deciding what to offer. Could you offer snowplow or landscaping services?


It is a simple idea: simple purchase goods and sell them for a slight profit. This essentially makes you a middleman, which provides less profit than many other business ideas, but it also requires an incredibly low amount of effort. In fact, most of your job will be marketing. Remember that you need money to purchase the products initially and a place to store them. Do not forget to take shipping costs into account as well.

Skill-based services

The benefit of creating a skill-based business is that it revolves around the skills you already have. If you are good at repair, you can start up a handyman business. The possibilities for this kind of business are only limited by you. This can include anything from financial guidance to gardening to carpentry. You will not need real estate, but may have tool or material costs.


Many business ideas revolve around selling information, rather than goods. You can probably already see how this can drive startup costs to their absolute minimum. Keep in mind that you need to be highly educated in a particular field to undertake this kind of business.

Miniature business

The idea behind a micro business is using something you already have to make money. This may be renting out your home as an AirBnB or using your car like a taxi service. Many call this kind of business a micropreneurship or shared-economy opportunity.


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