Unsecured Business Lines of Credit Offer Flexibility for Your Growing Business

If you need quick access to cash to take your business to the next level, an unsecured business line of credit from Arouet Capital may be the right funding solution for you. With this type of loan, there’s no need to put up collateral, which means less risk for your business. The amount of the line of credit is based on your company’s financial history or your personal qualifications.

Advantages of an Unsecured Business Line of Credit

Many companies rely on unsecured business lines of credit to expand their business, purchase equipment, order inventory or hire new employees. Advantages include:

  • No collateral required for qualified applicants
  • Low risk for your business
  • Quick application turnaround
  • Competitive rates — no subprime loans

Unsecured Credit for New and Established Businesses

If you own a profitable business with solid finances, positive credit history, and revenues between $1 million and $10 million, you may be eligible for a credit line up to $500,000. Startup companies can receive up to $150,000 with a qualifying personal credit score from a business owner or partner.

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