Improve Your Cash Flow by Leasing the Equipment You Need

Are you struggling to come up with the cash you need to purchase equipment for your business? Rather than compromising your day-to-day cash flow by paying the full amount of your equipment up-front, why not pay for it over time? Our equipment financing program allows you to use the equipment you need on a daily basis while making manageable monthly payments for a predetermined period of time.

Government Leasing Programs

If you represent a government or municipal agency, you’re guaranteed financing through our program. We frequently provide funding to:

  • Public schools
  • Federal and state government agencies
  • Police departments
  • Fire houses
  • Armed services
  • Libraries

We enjoy showing gratitude to those who make our communities better by offering guaranteed funding through our government leasing programs.

Second-Chance Programs

Our second-chance programs are intended to help businesses with poor credit obtain the equipment necessary to make a comeback. If you’ve recently come across tough financial times and can’t secure a regular loan, this is the program for you.

Startup Programs

Startups often have a hard time securing financing for equipment. Fortunately, Arouet Capital values small businesses and offers a generous startup program to help new companies obtain necessary equipment.

Sale and Lease Back

We’ll buy your equipment through our sale and lease back program, then let you lease it from us. This arrangement frees up cash for you while giving you continuing access to the equipment your business needs. Once the leasing period is finished, you’ll own your equipment again.

All of our programs come with low monthly payments and allow you to preserve your existing credit lines. They also offer tax advantages and free up your cash for other business needs. No financial statements are required for applications up to $150,000.

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